Monday, August 03, 2015

Smoke in the valley and the DR.

It is kind of ironic.. that we have our valley full
of smoke.  And yet, a very famous man dies
on this Sunday morning... and the connection.

Our valley is full of smoke coming from Washington
state as well as fires from our own state.. and then
throw in Montana's Glacier National Park,  which has been
burning for a week or more.

I am sure that this is raising cain  for those with
respirator conditions..  Probably having to stay
indoors with windows shut.

On Sunday morning, a great man took his last breathe.
Some people won't even recognize his name. And yet
he has done more for humane than a lot of people.
He built the most famous respirator, starting with one
for a baby.  He went on and built many different ones,
for adults as well.. Many people who have come and
gone, breathe easier because of the man. Saving their
lives, and he built them in our county.

But that is just the main story. The one he is famous
for.  But there is so much more to this man, than that.
Anyone who has come across this man,  comes away
with the amazement of how humble he was, how kind,
how thoughtful he was.

His name? Dr. Bird to most of us.  Dr. Forrest Bird
to everyone else.. He has been in the company of
Presidents of the United States... he has been in company
of the wealth..  He loved airplanes and helicopters. He
flew in the war.  His love of the planes and copters shows
in his museum.  Which by the way is for free.  There is so
much there. About his inventions and others.. history..
he had the Women who flew in WWII and there is a
monument there to honor them. Some came to the
weekend and fly in that was had. 
He had in the summer, camp for kids for inventing.
Then he took over a charter school, helping so many

But still there was so much more to this man. And what
some of the locals who moved in the past 10 years
or so... don't know.. is that Dr. Bird would fly his helicopter
at a moments notice, when ever there was a wreck on the
highway.. pick up the injured and fly them to the hospital
of choice.  FOR FREE...

He and his wife Pam, has done so much for so many.. And
yet to meet them, you would never know.. because there was
no difference to them.. if you were the President of the United
States.... or if you were one of the men who as filling in the pot
holes on the road that he lived on... As he and/or would invite
the men to the museum, where he had a small soup and sandwich
restaurant...for lunch and for free.  And always had the time to
ask about their day.

God Bless... Dr. Bird.. may you rest in peace.. as you so
richly deserve.. as he cramped a lot of things and times in

to those 94 years.   

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