Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I was innocently weeding my flowers
last week.  As I grabbed the big weed
I felt  something and then pain... A
YELLOW JACKET... this my second
in as many as week. 

I went in and got the baking soda and
peroxide and made a paste.  I took
out the stinger and put the paste on
the area... No pain... no sting. so
that is good.  I also, noticed I had
a cut on the top of the finger.

Second day, it was itching like crazy
and the paste didn't help that.. no
anti itch cream.. End up putting
a band aid on it so not to scratch it.

Day 3.. I now have two bumps on
the backside of my finger.. and they hurt.
Put another band aid on..

Day is stinging in several place
under the band aid.  The yellow
jacket sting is fine now.. but the
back of the finger is growing more
bumps that are painful.. 

So, as my doctor use to call me..
Dr. Cis...decided to relieve the
pain by opening the bumps with
a needle... BIG MISTAKE....

Long story short...... I ended up
going to Immediate Care and my
finger is infected.. not just a
little bit.. . It has gone around the
corner of my finger. So have to
clean, and soak and put cream
on it... and take antibiotic's of
course.  And leave it to the air
she said... that is easier said
than done...   Also typing on the
key board is no picnic... it is the
old peck system.. And so far I have
found the word can
be done on the right hand... all the
rest of the important letters.. are on
the left.

Sometimes I sure get myself in
trouble... and you don't want to
hear what the King thinks...
Well, you might, but I am not going

to tell you...

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