Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is the world losing it's treasures/?

I am not going to go into ISIS
here. There are sites after site
about them, besides what I am
going to talk about, isn't just them.

While watching the news for the
past year, I have watched scene's
of men destroying national treasures.

For years this has happen.. but mostly
stolen in the WWII..  There is even a
This that I found on internet

"destruction of cultural sites is forbidden
under a number of international treaties,
including the 1954 UNESCO Convention
on the Protection of Cultural Property in the
Event of Armed Conflict. And besides, the end
result is the same: the destruction of a history
and a culture."  (Washington Post- 6/5/15)

This year Yemen has been hit at many of the
historical sites. Castles, The 1,200-year-old
al-Hadi Mosque,has been hazed... and these
seem to be by the Saudi's with
planes flying over.. And it said, they can't tell the
old buildings from the new.. and it is war...kind of..

But what is disturbing is the ones on the ground,
who go into the museums and destroy statutes
of the country's founding fathers and etc.
That one was ISIS.  I presume they do it
because, if they get rid of the old, the people
would lose hope..  And you know that ISIS
does not pay any attention to any treaties...
heck they don't even pay attention to lives
itself... Especially others, as sadly we
have seen on the news. 

We know what will happen here, if they aren't
stopped. National treasures will be in pictures
only.. by the tourist.

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