Tuesday, August 11, 2015


August 11, 2015
HEY, Ma, you are not going to believe this....

I have a well known history of killing indoor plants.
It goes back many years...

My mother gave me a Yucca plant, because it
was dying.. and she didn't want it to die on her
watch.  She was a great gardener.  Inside as
well as outside.  They had a green house that was
L shaped, from the back door to around the corner
to the garage.  She could go to a restaurant and
see a plant she wanted...... pinch a piece off of it,
bring it home.. put it in a pot of dirt and wa...la..
it would grow and she would have her own plant.
So she didn't want this plant to die with her.
She knew I killed plants and was use to it..
But surprise, surprise it grew.  I snapped off all
the dead or dying leaves and it came back with
it's own.. It grew to about 2 feet tall.   I gave it
to my sister in law when I left R.I.  And she got
it to go to 4 feet and it bushed out about 3 feet.
But that was the exception to my rule.

My husband who is deceased, finally brought
home a plastic plant and told me, "I know you
can't kill this one", after me killing 4 of his.

So when a friend gave me a Orchid about
almost a year ago.. I cringed...Thinking
oh, no... knowing I am going to kill this small
delicate flower.. Even the King said "oh, no..
she kills plants."

The only thing I had going for me... was my
neighbor has one.. and when she goes out of
town, I have had to water all of her plants.
She told me to fill the orchid with water.. let
sit for about 3 minutes and gently turn it
upside down... and let all the excess water drain
off.  And it worked for hers... I did not kill her Orchid.

So figured, ok... I can do this. And it did work. Those
flowers lasted forever.. like 4 or 5  months or more..
they were there before they started to shrink and die off. 

Now what do I do with it, I thought.. So I stuck it in a window
on the North side of the house.  We were running AC
so didn't dare leave it where I had it.. just 2 feet away.

And then.....................then.............. I FORGOT IT...
And for some reason, yesterday, I thought about it.
Oh, no.. it has to be dead, where ever it is... so I
searched for it.. and found it.. in the window in the
back room on the north side,.... where I had not
watered it all that time.. what almost 3 months?
I gently removed it.. soooooooooooo slowly....
I DIDN'T KILL IT....  It survived somehow with
out water for 3 months...

HEY, MA.. there might be hope for me after all.

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