Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Interesting or not...hard to tell...

It is hard to get excited about the coming election.. after all it
isn't for another year yet.  I think they should make a rule that
you can't throw your hat into the circle.. no one can start
campaigning until July of the year that the election is in.
Meaning it would be July 2016 before we would even know
who was interested it it.  But, alas, no we are getting hit up
now.. and already we are getting bored.

The Republican has about 16, I think.  There are about 4, I
think I could name.. and while the others are heard of,
there are some who I have never heard of.

The Democrats, I guess they are having a problem getting
as many. So far there is 3 that I have heard of.. Hilary, of
course.. (God, I am soooooooo tired of her already).. and
Bernie Sanders and now Joe Biden is thinking heavily of
throwing his name into the circle.  (what is he waiting for,
to see how much money is out there for him? It can't be
the death of his son, as rumor has it, his son's death bed
request was for his father to run.)

The fact that they are gathering billions of dollars.. Yes,
BILLIONS of dollars for each candidate, or at least the
most popular ones, is mind boggling.  Billions for a
what, $400,000 a year job?  Can you imagine what we
could do for education with that money?  College could
be free for every child... and even some adults.

Only interesting part of it so far.. and I do use the word
interesting very loosely..... it Trump on the Republican
side.. and Sanders on the Democrat side. 

Sanders has had a long line of years of trying to turn
the 1% having all the money.. It seems to be his main
push.. And the public likes that.. and seem to like his
honestly.  He isn't beating the same drum that so many
who have ran before. So the people are listening to him
and showing up to hear him in person. And sending
what little money they have to him, to keep him going.

Now Trump... what can you say?  The man has no tact,
that is for sure.  His mouth has no brakes.  He must be
driving his campaign manager nuts.  But the people are
listening to him as well.  They seem to over look most
of his FUBAR's... remarks.  I guess it is true of him as
well.. he is not beating the normal election drums. He
says what he thinks... Some people seem to like that.

Yep, it going to be interesting... on this ship of fools.   

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