Monday, September 14, 2015

The new tv season...

This week's Entertainment Weekly came out
with their Fall preview.  After looking at all
the possiblies .. I don't think I will be watching

Now in all fairness, I have over the air service. Antenna,
to those who don't know.. The price is the greatest..
it is FREE..  So that cuts my options a great deal.
but there is Netflix, if there is anything that is too good
to miss.

Most of the come back shows to me are long in
the tooth. Meaning some of them have been around'
too long.  I use to love the CSI programs.  But we all
know that there is no lab that brings forward the
results as fast as the show. It takes months. But
even thru that.. it was interesting to see how they
come together.. But here we are how many years
later, and the stories are getting to be all the same

I don't like boring shows.. I don't like shows that
try to scare the hell out of me.  I sure the heck

Big Brother and the pimping shows (Bachelor and
etc.) leave me cold. Waste of time.

Holding my attention some what and even those
I am getting tired of.. like American Got Talent, and
Dancing with the stars.. I usually start watching the
last 3 weeks.. if there is someone who holds my
attention.  Lost interest in American Idol and So
you think you can dance years ago.  Bones and
Voice are getting thin as well.

So the pickings are going to be slim. And add the
elections coming up next year.. and some now,
well, that really leaves a lot to be desired...

Good thing I love to read.. and it  looks like
a great year for reading.  i have book shelves
full of books I bought when I was working.. to
read in my retirement.. And a few I have added
to it.  

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