Thursday, September 17, 2015

Once again...the SHIP OF FOOLS sails...

I didn't watch the debate last night... two reasons.
I don't get CNN and because even if I did, I will
wouldn't...  Wouldn't want to waste my time..

I like to wait until the, get near the end.. before I
get really interested in the debates.. Because I figure
why waste my time, listening to those who aren't even
going to make the cut.  And if there is anything really
interesting, it will be all over the internet and the news.

It is kind of like the contest shows.. American Idol, So
you can dance, Voice, Dancing with the stars, and
American Got Talent..   So unless you are really interested
in the contest subject.. it is a waste of time to watch at the
beginning.. so usually wait until they are down to at least
the last 12.  The ones with the stars, like the Dancing with
the stars.. I might watch because I want to see a particular
person..  Which I haven't tune in yet this time around.. but
was thinking of doing so, because I wanted to see Steve
Erwin's daughter and how she does.

So the debates are like that too.. so let the ones fall to the
sides.. Perry already has, and then see who is left, to
find someone who might be worth the vote.. or if they

end up at the end.. maybe who not to vote for.. 

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