Monday, October 26, 2015

The things you find, when you are looking for something else...

I have been trying to find the vehicle plug in for my GPS...
I have looked thru the car and truck.. nothing.. I have looked
where I had the GPS itself.. Nothing.. One of which was a

Now when I dump out the drawer which is stuff to the max..
I know the plug is not there, but I have committed myself
to going thru the drawer.. after I had to dump it out to find
out if the plug was there.

There are all kinds of papers, so stacked them all together
to go thru after... Then I take all the business cards and
put them in another stack. Guess it became a place to
throw them..

Then there are small books, some of the old daily journals
that I recorded the temps and what was going on in
our lives on that day... 

And half an hour later.. after reading these journals of
2003 to 2005... spotty recordings....  I am back to sorting.
Pictures.. naming the people in them, as some of them
were touch and go.. so while the memory is some what
in tact.. put the names on them...

And here is what I have left... magnets, wire holders for
walls?  old Jamestown, R.I. bridge tokens.. which I don't know
if they still use them or not. There are 'special stones'
special only to me.. As some stones are pretty and smooth
to the touch.. and I like that.. something I have done for years.
Old personal recorded cassettes,  by whom, I am not sure.
So will have to find my little recorder (where ever that is)
and play them and see if they are important.

Small tools, old bottle openers, snap and light lights
for Halloween, which by the way have beer logo's on
them.. not exactly kid friendly.. and an old shell..
Well, you get the picture... and an hour later.. sorted it
out ..drawer only about half full and not stuffed 2 inches
high...  and now to figure out what to do with this
"good stuff"... and no, it doesn't go back to the drawer..

Maybe I should start a time capsule.

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