Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just how many do I need.. or we need?

So here I was with my rainy day... time to get those
indoor things done... Mainly bringing out the winter
clothes and putting away the summer clothes.

A couple of weeks ago, I straighten out the King's
drawers in hopes that things could be put away...
Instead of the man's put away system.  Which means
pile up on top of his dresser.

Over all it was a losing battle..  As he has one drawer
full of his Lost in the 50's  shirts.   Then there is the
drawer that has all his orange tee's from his flagging
days.  Then there is the drawer with his plain but with
a pocket on the chest, drawer.. There is his pj drawer,
his sock drawer.. which must have at least 50+ pairs
and these are just the white ones.  I forgot what was in
the rest of his drawers, but certainly no room for his
Carhart tee shirts which is the ones he likes to wear
to work. Which is on top of the dresser.  Next to his western
handkerchief stack.  The other dresser isn't any better.
He has one drawer full of his under shorts. Stuffed full.
how many can he wear?  And he only wears the top 4
anyway, because he puts them back after they are washed
and takes them out next as they are on top.

But after giving a bad time of how many he had.. I asked
him how many socks does he need? how many tees does
he need?   And etc. Only to do my change of seasons
to find out I had 32 tee shirts... I have a drawer full of
plain tee's.... a drawer of tee's with words or pictures,
and that doesn't count my tank tops.   The difference
was... I sent a bag to Goodwill yesterday, actually
2 bags, then other clothes I haven't wore for 5 years..
And my drawers are still full... and I have
a bag put away for next summer.  Just how many tee's
does one need?  And like the King, I have the tenacity
to pick out one of the top 4.. but I am getting better at
that.. I started pulling from the back and bottom.
And I don't even want to talk about my closet. It is
ridiculous... I did get rid of some of it.. But when I
put my sweat shirts and sweaters and jeans in there
with the year round.. well it is full again. 

But some days I feel like something blue. and some days
red.. or this tee because my son gave it to me.. or that tee
because my Aunt Harriet gave it to me..  Well, you get
the idea.

I really got to admire  the minimalist.. you know those
people who go thru there stuff and get rid of everything
except what they actually have to have.    

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