Monday, October 12, 2015

There was a lady.. and our hearts are broken...

Our county and for that matter the world, got some
sad news on Friday...

The night before, we had heard that a plane had
crashed on one of our mountain tops......

And Friday morning the news went thru the valley
like a wild fire....  it was Pam Bird... 

Dr. Pam Bird.... wife of Dr. Forrest Bird.. who had
just passed away in August.  While we all viewed
Dr. Forrest Bird death a great sadness.. he was also
in his 90's.   But with Pam, she was way too young.
To be snatched from all of our lives, is heart breaking
for all.  For her family, of course, without saying. Her
close friends... of course.. And for all of us who knew
her.. definitely.   Most of us would probably be under
the line of acquaintance..... but Pam made us all feel
like the valuable word FRIEND, applied.   I doubt that
Pam Bird ever met a person who she didn't like.. and
with infectious smile, you had to smile back.

Our own.. my husband and I.. is just a half of a drop
in the bucket of her life.  I met her at the Bird Aviation
Museum, like a lot of us... My husband introduced her
to me.. and her way was like you were the most important
person she has met.

My husband met her on the road... See he was a flagger
for 3 years for Bonner County road works.. And part of
the roads that they took care of,  was on the way to the
Bird Aviation Museum.. or even to their home..
As soon as she knew the road crew was in the area, she
would come down to where they were working and stop
and talk to them.. and tell them.. "now you know lunch is
on Forrest and I... you all be sure to go to lunch at the cafe
at the Museum."  And she meant it.  And some times
meet the crew at the cafe, to make sure they got the sandwich
of their choice with soup and drinks.  And if they didn't
show up, she would stop by to see why and was sad because
they didn't come down.  After the crew found out she was
quite serious about it.. they always went down.. and always
told her and her workers .... thank you..  And she would always
say.. no .. THANK YOU..     That was just Dr. Pam Bird...
A highly educated, highly professional, and inventor, author
and wife of a very well known Dr. Forrest Bird... who was
just like you and I.

God Pam.. we know you are with your love of
your life..   You said what you missed was your conversations
with your dear Forrest.. well, I guess you are talking once
again...  But we weren't ready for you to go...  

So rest in peace dear Pam Bird, with your friends the Hensley.
Know the reunion was a joyous one, with Forrest.


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