Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I have come to the conclusion, that hate is a lot of work.

Just watching people, who talk about things that are bad to
them.. that they hate it.. or them..  So much work goes into
that hate.. to maintain it.  Keeping up with the lies that usually
go with it.

Even Facebook, you see so many post about something
that the person hates..  And the past it along.. most of it
based on lies.. But they don't care.

Even  an innocent post can bring on such hateful comments.
Some about the news.. or even if some one request help
on something... there will be people who will leave the
most hateful comments. A lot of them about the person
who started the comments.. even though they have never
met that person... and doesn't know anyone who has. Just
because the person asked for help on something, that hate
full person makes assumptions of the character, because
of their need.

I just don't get it..  I can't think of anyone or anything I
hate.  I don't like some people.. and some things.. but
can't honestly say I hate them.

I heard one time.. that one hates something because they
fear it.   They hate what they don't understand.. so fear it.
It is the unknown I guess....... but it does make sense,

most of the time. 


Anonymous said...

I've never been a terrible "hateful" person, but I've been known to pass along a good piece of gossip when I heard it. As I get older, I'm really trying to live by the old saying "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I, too, see those nasty comments that people post on others' Facebook posts. We all, naturally, have our skepticisms about other people's motives sometimes, but it seems like some people thrive on stirring up trouble. Makes me sad, because if we can't just 'live and let live', this world will never be peaceful for my grandkids and their kids to group up in. :-(

Mari Meehan said...

If you think Facebook comments can be hateful look at some that are on news stories!