Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day Out

Today, my grandson and I
decided to take a day out.
Like opting out and etc?

Then tomorrow it is the big
push. Clean all the stuff off
of the porch and the deck.

Get ready for painting this
Saturday. So then we will
have the outside done for
this year.

I have been so hell bend for
election, so to speak in getting
all these projects we set up for
ourselves, I am sitting here
wondering what to do with the day.

There are a lot of inside projects,
but keeping them for winter or late
fall. So think I will go for a bike ride.
And make sure we have all the
equipment for this weekend.

Oh, I got a new monitor yesterday.
New to me.. boy what a difference.
My old one, I knew was just waiting
for the opportune time to go out.

It would turn a putrid color of yellow
from time to time. Warning me the
end is coming soon, and then turn
back to what it called normal.

I say that because when I got this
one... I was blasted back in my
chair with brightness. It is like I
was using candles around here,
and some one turn on the bright
office lights. What a difference to say
the least. Now when I look at
some of my pictures, they look
so light. And my blog, the green
that I thought I was looking at, turns
out to be a wonderful light green that
I wanted. lol.. Poor Toni, she must have
felt like I was a nut case... her putting in
the color I said I wanted, and me saying,
this isn't quite it... turns out it is exactly
what I wanted. Thank Goodness, I listen
to her.

Carry on.... I am going to go find
something to do. Maybe I will go
have coffee with my neighbor..have
not had a chance to do that for a while


God's Helper said...

You should know by now not to question Toni....

Love ya,

MarmiteToasty said...

Hello - I thought I would have a butchers at ya blob...... :) Im still fairly new at this lark, but Im learning how to click around from recommended sites :).. and enjoying all of it ... lovely blob I must say you have... x

Word Tosser said...

no fair Marmitetoasty, can't visit yours... unless you give me the site address...
Are you anywhere near Durman, England... that is where my father's people came from.. well, half of them.. rest came from Sweden

MarmiteToasty said...

Hello again - I dont have me own blob, wouldnt know where to begin or what even to post... but I love flipping around a handful, and have made quite a few maties in the process... love Bobs Blob, and Toads, and Soaring on the ontological thermals and flying pig blob and the daily dump and caveat emptor and the Dingleberries of course, of which Im still trying to get the hang of... x