Monday, July 24, 2006


Boy, the weather man was
right on. HOT HOT HOT..

We had 103 for Saturday
and 104 Sunday...
We had the AC cranked up,
and going 24 hours to keep the
house cool...and the shades down.

Felt good. Didn't realize how good
until I went to get something outside.
Like an oven out there. So did inside
stuff. But I am going to hate to get
my electric bill next month.
Which makes me did we
use to keep cool before AC?
My brother and I had the bedrooms,
that once was an attic. And we all know
how hot the attic was in the 1940's and1950's.
Before insulation...

So how did we keep cool? I know we
had the windows open.. but no AC in those
Down stairs there was the old black fan
that was about 18 inches around that went
back and forth. But only two for the whole
house..But we weren't allowed to have
those in our room.

I know we had shutters... but don't
remember if we closed them all. And
I know we had storm windows, so surely
we had screens. Keep the bugs out. And
the windows were open 24 hours a day.

And we hayed during the summer. Now
that is HOT...and you wore long sleeves
and pants. Other wise you had scratchy
legs and arms.

And why is it... we turn on the AC, turn
it to 60 or 62 but in the winter we turn
our heaters to 67 to 72??

But how did we survive the heat?

Oh, the weather outside is delightful
And some think it is frightful....
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
(thought maybe these words from
a old song from Neptune's Daughter
might cool you off)


God's Helper said...

The biggest difference now as to then, we were much younger. Hot days for me meant, a day at the beach. I spent 75% of my time under water. So now we are older and we suffer.

Toni said...

We don't have AC! We just tough it out!

Hi to Rokon from the girls!

PinkAcorn said...

Yesterday in Ca it was 108...I'm afraid to go look at the gauge today,lol.

maureen said...

just remember this weather during the cold, icky winter of 2006-07. i think i'd rather be hot instead of that bone chilling cold.
besides, it will cool down soon.
love ya
cis, remember that huge fan that was in the dining room in e-burg. (I swear it was an airplane propeller, Marv probably gave it to ray #1) it sure cooled off the house, but also took eyebrows and lashes with it ha