Monday, July 17, 2006

Huckleberry Picking is like Life

1. Always look up, usually more rewards
and the view is better.
(you see a lot more berries, when you
sit and look up)

2. You can slide faster down
than you can go up.
(that pretty well describes itself)

3. Keep a cap on your savings,
for those slide down times.
(keep a cap on your berry pail, so
they don't spill out when you slide or fall down)

4. Bigger bush doesn't always
give the bigger rewards.
(some of the smaller bushes had bigger berries)

5. Being quiet ...
you get to hear the riches of life...
(birds & breezes and just the silence
itself, we are such a noise society)

6. A lot of times you have to let the
next bush/goal go and find out it is
for the best after all.
(you don't need to strip out all the
berries you see... after you get your
share, leave for others..there is more
than enough for everyone..
greed isn't pretty, and the guy upstairs
has a way to get even.. see #2)

7. Always leave something behind
for the Annie's of life to teach her young
ones about memories of their mom's
and teachers and huckleberry picking.
(leave nature as you found it... for generations to come.)

I guess CDADave was right. I put on
my walking sneakers Friday afternoon,
and my leg felt better by bedtime.
Put on the Tiger Balm and I was ready
for climbing to get huckleberries by Sat. morning.

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