Friday, July 14, 2006

Life's little Aggravations...

I am a little put out...
you know, miffed.

Every so often in life
you go to bed just doing
great. Healthwise, I am
talking about. Only to
wake the next morning
with some kind of injury.
Nothing big..just a pain.

Yesterday was just such a
day. I thought it would go
away. I ended up putting
Icy Hot on it by evening,
as it was starting to really
bug me.

I looked for a bruise, as surely
anything that is hurting this
much, has to have some kind
of sign. But nothing.

So I laid the Icy Hot, couldn't
find my Tiger Balm, on thick.
And here I am this morning,
with the same pain.

Now normally, I would ignore it.
But it is my shin, and that means
walking is not comfortable. Heck,
it is down right painful.

So I guess I will endure until it
goes away. After all I am not one
who likes to go to the doctor anyway.
Besides, what can he tell me? I tell
him my shin hurts. He feels the shin,
for breaks..none, so here, take some
pill for slight pain and call me if it
doesn't get well.

I can do that from here.

So off we go, the grandson and I.
Remove all the stuff from the deck.
Scrap it down, and then the King
can paint it tomorrow. One by one
we are meeting our goals of projects
we wanted to get done this summer.

And we still have almost 2 months
left of summer before school starts.
So lots of time for fun projects.


stebbijo said...

Sorry to hear that Wordtosser - If the pain keeps up make sure and get an xray. Sometimes too much of good thing can bring on hairline - or stress fractures which are PAINFUL. I know -- I managed to walk myself into that state regarding my feet. Just had to lighten up and quit walking 20 miles a day and find a different job! You don't want to aggravate it.

little ol' me said...

Heya...CDADAVE here...sometimes shin pain can be caused by old shoes. When I used to be a runner, a speaker at one of our runners' club meetings said that most leg and knee pain originates with the feet. So maybe try a cushier shoe or put some cushy inserts into the shooz you have now? Actually I don't worry about pain, other than I hope it remains MANAGEABLE. My back is a bit better, and my arthritis pain is all but gone, so I'm doing better these days.

LucilleNT said...

Hey girlfriend, my daughter didn't want to go to the doctor either...ended up with a broken foot..not that you broke anything...we all just care about you..