Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Older Children

My kids are getting old...
not me.. they are... My oldest
son is 43 today. Not my oldest
child, but my oldest son... My two
older daughter are running close to
50...only 4 more years for the oldest.

It is nice that age is a matter of mind.
It isn't that you deny the age..just how you feel.

Hopefully my kids understand that and
live life as such, when they get to the
age, where they feel younger than they are.

This son, I think has lived his whole life like it.
Always younger than his age. He did the older
than his age when he was younger than 6.
He scared his overbearing sister enough
to keep her distance, after he rode a bull
calf at the age of 3. He scared his mother
by standing on the slide part of a swing
set, going 90 mph, and laughing with his
head tilted back. He removed the slates
on the playpen (they were wood in those
days) and walked across the driveway
to claim his milk and cookies from the
neighbor. Most of his antic now, I hear
about a month or so later. Car accidents,
timber accidents. (he pulled his shoulder
back in place by grabbing on to the tail gate
of his pick up) And now he and his wife are
almost child free (last one out the door next
June) so are born free on a Harley Davidson.

I have been bless with 4 good sons. Who are
happy, and healthy.. I couldn't ask for anything
So Happy Birthday Tar baby.

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