Thursday, July 20, 2006

Running out of Steam

Today, I got the other wall done.
And started the last wall. Move the
entertainment center without having
to unload it. Then after the second
wall dried... I moved the couch over.

When we moved the entertainment
center it was a breeze. Just slide it
over and hook up. Tonight I slide the
couch over and placed the tables.
My grandson helped with the
entertainment center, but still
I could have done it myself if I
could have lifted up the corner.

How is that? A neat little gadget
that my gal pal gave me. Sure
save the day. If you see it.

It is called Super Sliders. You have
seen the commercial for them on TV.
And I am here to tell you, they work.
Tonight I was alone, but wanted to
move the couch. That sucker is heavy.

I lifted up one corner and put a
slider under the leg. And then did
each corner... And like magic, I
pushed lightly and the couch slide
right to where I wanted it.

Same with the entertainment center.
With all the stuff on and in there,
it is one heavy beast. But the grandson
lifted each corner and I slide the slider
under each corner. He just pushed
it into position... no trouble at all.

He thought it was light. Until we took
the slider out and went to move it
just an inch... Had to put two sliders
under so we could move it the inch.

What you see on TV.. is true.
They are the greatest. If I can
find another box ..I am going to
get them. Comes with 4 large
and 4 small. And they aren't expensive

Tomorrow is the last of the project.
Got to put the second coat on the
last wall. And the second coat on
the kitchen cupboards. Then it is
clean up time. Find all the stuff I
placed everywhere.. and put it a
way... maybe throw some out.

Where do I get all of this clutter?


PinkAcorn said...

Hi there! I see your post was written at 12:21 AM !!WOW! I have been on vacation, my working vacation in cocolalla and turned the computer on , maybe three times. I see your projects turn out similar to Hey, and I'm irked that the Daily Bee took off the blog sites, the new link directs you to the CDA press and I didn't see your blog there...
Schneenkonigin.. I haven't blogged anything new :(

maureen said...

OMG Cis.
you are one amazing woman....

God's Helper said...

When you are finished, my house could use a fresh coat.... Do you hire out??

I really feel for you. Painting is a long process.