Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Leaving your pet at the vets.

We had to take our little doxie to the vet
yesterday...  drop her off at 9am.  and
then wait for the phone call.

It was simple procedure.. remove the tartar
off of her teeth and remove several moles.
It wasn't the procedure that had us concerned.
It was the leaving her behind.  See we either
leave her at home... or we take her with us.
So to leave her with strangers, and yapping dogs
well, it was hard. 

Actually it was harder than leaving your kid at
the hospital.  You can explain to a kid.  Also
with a kid, you can stay until they come to take
them to the operating room.. and then you can
stay in the waiting room.  Then after they come
out of recovery.. you can be there.

With your pet, you hand them over to a vet or
vet aide.  They walk into the back room. Get
put in a cage..  our Misty has been in a kennel
carrier, but she can see us.   Don't know how
long she had to wait until it was her turn.
Then when they give her a shot and she goes
to sleep... wakes up with the strangers and
still no family.   Yapping dogs telling her
God only knows what.   Then, finally
family shows up and takes her home.

She whined the whole trip home. I am
sure she had quite a tale to tell, if we
only know how to translate.  About an
hour later she was feeling better.  We
wrapped her in warm towels.. and she
slept.  Waking to see home still here.

As we drove way after leaving her there,
it was quiet in the car.  then hopes she will
be ok.. reassuring each other that she will
be ok.. 
Just a dog, huh?  I don't think so .. she

is our baby. 

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