Wednesday, April 06, 2016

What is it?

Here is the pictures...

Do you know what it is? 
Do you know the purpose of it?

No it is not a tanning bed. 
It is not a night light...

Was I  a sucker to buy it?
It said guaranteed.
So figured if, it in fact was guaranteed,
how could I go wrong?
It cost $12. 00

So if I am out of the money because
the product turns out to be a dud,
and the guarantee along with it..
Oh, well...

So look at it hard and long.. well, not
really, but look at it any way.  And
see if you can guess what it is.
As I have never seen one before.

I will leave the answer in the comment

section later.  

4/20/16 .... and it WORKS...  


Word Tosser said...

it is a Flea trap.. yes, I am serious...

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

fleas are attracted to light. You can build your own by using a bowl with some Dawn dish soap in it and a light above. I only learned this upon fostering kittens. I am not sure about the rest of that thing, however. I think Revolution on your pets works the best!

Word Tosser said...

after using all kind of stuff.. I figured it give it a try.. Misty is always scratching but we don't see any fleas on her... at all.. in the dead of the summer, we might find one or two.. and of course the shampoo and etc comes out.. but they say this will also kill eggs? Don't know how that works.. it as a sticky paper under the grid... so they can't get away.. but will find Revolution and see how that works for her as well.. I hate HARTZ tho..