Monday, May 02, 2016

The Post Office....

Why go thru all the trouble of writing down an address?
I sent off a envelope to a church... some how I must have
added too many 7's (as there was a few in the address)
and it came back as no such address... now I have to ask you
if the first two of many numbers are correct and they were..
What part of the name of the church didn't they get???
It was the right highway.. it was the  right block... how hard
is it to figure out.. that was the box it belong in ... in that box
in front of that church?  

This is not the first time.. there was a Christmas card I sent out
to a town.. and it ended up on the west coast of the state, because
I wrote the wrong zip..  what part of the town, did they miss?

Is there a machine that reads these envelopes?  After all with
the church one, that person delivers to that church 6 days aweek.
so they know where that church is...
Now the other one.. if it is a machine I guess they are right. But
when it got to the west coast, I kind of would have thought.. ok
this is not our zip code town... so a quick circle of the town or
if I know zips really well, I could correct the zip and send it on
is way... But nope, they sent it back to me.. with "no address
in this zip area.."   

Wonder if I drop the zip, would that help.. probably not.

The post office service and I are not exactly friends.. they have
sent my packages to Washington state to Pa. and to San Francisco
and the is with the CORRECT zip and correct address.. just a
oops.. ?  not just once but 3 times with in 2 months time.  I have
to put a tracking number on everything I mail.  Which they must
have caught on.. as i was upset that I had to pay $1.05 everytimg
to make sure my packages got to where they were suppose to. Now
they give the tracking number away.

And that says nothing about the time I sent magazine to a friend
Old magazine, .. which some how got out of the heavily taped
(if you ever got a package from me. you would understand)
and then they put in junk mail and forward it on to the person
I had mailed it to. What the heck is that?   I complain but they
don't have the decency to even reply.. even when I sent it by

registered mail. 

I have used my p.o. box number and then place under it..
my zip code, for my return address... after all what other
information do they need? 

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