Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A taxi driver I am not..

Yesterday, I spent half the morning and half
the afternoon, taking the King around trying
to find a chiropractor.  First we were giving
the wrong address and the info there, was the
guy was gone until the 17th.  (note on the door)
Went 5 miles north to the old one that the King
went to.. that is now a dental office.  So back
into town, to another one we knew..  Note on
the door.. closed for that day and two more..
Back home... (4 miles).

Looked up ones in the phone book.. Which is
kind of a joke as a lot of doctors are using
wireless, and not listed in the phone book we
have that is local..  So looked in the 'LOCAL
PAGE BOOK'..   found 3 local..  One of which
was the original dr. with the correct address..
not the one we went to.. but no answer, left
message, also saying going to see about
another dr. .
Found one closer and got an appt. at 2:45.
After he hung up, the original dr. called back
but the King said he found someone.. Which
was ok with the dr. as HE had an appointment
with his DOCTOR. lol.. 

At 2:30 took the King to the dr.  Then home,
then he remembered he an an appt. with the
guy who is doing his seats for the pick up truck,
and back into town.. we go.

Nope, a taxi driver I am not.. lol..
So why was I driving??? because the King's
back was hurting so bad, he was hunched
over.  Doing better now.

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