Wednesday, May 04, 2016

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE... and a quarter...

I guess Ted Cruz finally got to read the writing on
the wall.  The down hill slope, that was getting
greaser as he went.  The people just didn't like
him..  Well, some did, after all there were people
in the halls where he went.  But the numbers
weren't matching the thrill of the hall.

Too many remember his name in the newspapers
of a year and two years or even three years ago.
When he promoted stopping the government for
a day, when even the other Senators and
Representative did not want to. 

And then there was the Grandpa Munster factor,
too many thinking he looked just like him.. And
I have to admit when i saw him years ago, it was
the first thing that came to my mind.

So now the big question.. after he  out won all
of the rest of the 16 that were there in the beginning.
What will he do with all his delegates?  Will he toss
them to Trump? After all the things he said about
Trump?  Or will he throw them towards Kasich?
After all Kasich seems to be in it for the long haul.

And if Kasich does make head way, will he pick
up the lady for his vp.. or will he figure he can
be Trump's VP.  After all, Trump thinks he is
in charge, but we know from the past, that the
smoky room in the back of the convention hall
is where VP's are made.. But then again.. McCain
chose Palin before that.. maybe he should have

As much as I hate to see Sanders slip away,
it looks like Hillary is the push now. Sanders
will stay to the end.. which I am glad. I always
feel bad for the voters who work so hard to get
their guy/gal in at the primaries and caucus to
only be thrown to the side as their guy/gal give
up.  So Sanders owes it to his faithful to stay
to the end.  and faithful they are. They have
showed up at his rallies in droves.. much more
than any other candidate.. even giving Trump
a run in numbers.  So hope the Sanders group
stands proud at the convention and sing out his
name proudly.   Even if it is all just for the looks.
They deserve that.

So with it seriously looking like it is Trump and
Hillary.. unless some one shoots one or the
other or both....  which one are you going to
pick?  I am asking the voters who voted for
anyone BUT Trump or Hillary.  As disgusted
as you are with both, as much as they make
you sick to your stomach...   Who will it be
to get your vote?  Will it be arrogances, egotist,
I don't have a clue how to run a country... Or will
it be another Slick Clinton, who has broken more
laws than a rum runner on crack? 

Or will you write a name in...... or will you write in
what I have done twice before.. NOA.......


update in the late afternoon.... 
Kasich has dropped out as well.. so it is an open gate
for Trump...   


Betty said...

Funny you should say Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster. I have been thinking that Paul Ryan looks like Eddie Munster, all grown up. If we look closer, we might be able to identify more Munsters in the GOP. lol

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