Thursday, May 12, 2016

Won't be this year....

The King has been working on his project,
the 47 Ford pickup.  I talked about it about
2 or 3 years ago...  

We had hoped to have it done in time for
the Lost in the 50's parade...but sadly we
aren't ready...  As the old saying goes,
the devil is in the details.. And that is where
he is at now. The engine runs fine.. the
transmission is running well, too.   The
body is on and painted.. the wiring is 98%
done.  He has the wiring up to the dash to

He has the carpet to lay. He has the boards
(cardboard like) to put in on the walls. He
as the insulation done.   He has the gear
shift he just got in the mail, to install.

But he does have the bed in the box..and
as you can see, it looks great.  He has the
running boards all done.  And the seats are
out for being upholstered.  Hopefully get
them back in about 2 - 3  weeks..

But the Lost in the 50's is in 2 weeks.. so
no way, he is going to get it done.

The good news is.. our grandson moved back
from Hawaii and has been very active in helping
the King get things done.  It has been a great
project for the two of them.

The King would like to have the truck in
next years, with everyone one in the truck
that helped. 3 sons, 1 grandson...  As if it
wasn't for all of them.. the truck would not
be painted, wired, and etc.
So here is the pictures of the box bed and
the running boards and his new wheels.

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