Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Understanding Transgender…

No, I am not going to address the bathroom
situation.. although I have to wonder and ask
where did all the transgender go to the bath
room before this became a big issue?

My understanding the difference between a
lesbian/homosexual  is that they are comfortable
In their own skin.. They just happen to love
someone of the same sex. But the women
like being women and the men like being

Where as, a transgender does not feel
comfortable in their own skin. They feel
they should have been born the opposite
of the sex they were.  They feel that God
go it wrong. 

Which makes life a living hell for them.
It isn’t just the fight within, to try to
sort it all out in the beginning, but
the fight with society as society shuns
or bullies them. 

It would be so easy for them.. to walk into
a building and come out the other side the
gender they prefer, with everyone’s memory
being that gender and not the body they
were born in.

But life is not like that. Most people harass
them.. or shun them (family members or
even friends)  Some of the people have
it in their hearts to accept the person.

But most don’t. For we humans, tend
to hate what we don’t understand. What
we don’t understand, we are scare of..
and back to the hate.  And for some reason
we seem to think subconsciously, we
find that making it bad for those, it makes
us seem less bad.

We forget that these are human beings,
who deserve to be loved.  Who deserve
to be hugged by their families and friends…
to be accepted by the same.  Why can’t
that be? What are we afraid of?  If we
accept them, as themselves, it doesn’t
make us transgender.  So what is the
harm.   I know some have trouble with
it religious wise.. But didn’t Jesus love

I realize there are some lesbians, homosexual
And transgender make it hard on all of us.
By flaunting their sexuality in flaming
attitudes. It is hard to accept them as
just them, when they decide to throw it
out there with wild colors, half dressed
and in your face attitude.  And that is
what makes it hard on the rest of them.
And us… trying to understand.

A good share of us, just wants them to
act and dress normally, just be the sex
they feel comfortable in.  Just don’t come
out with dresses on, with a beard. That
is what upsets people… Be a woman if
that is what you want.. be a guy, if that
is what you want.

And a lot of us, are just trying to understand.
And let you be you… 

As far as the bathroom thing, makes me wonder
what the powers that be... government or media
are trying to throw under the rug, so this is a 


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