Monday, May 16, 2016

A tribute to a great guy

Shorty Blood, a local logger of many years…
employed so many people over the years.
A man of a great sense of humor.. great
wit, and a smile that made anyone’s day.

On Saturday, there were over 60 trucks who
traveled from Sagle where they gathered,
go north on highway 95, winding thru
downtown Sandpoint, up to highway 200…
pass Shorty’s favorite restaurant... the HOOT OWL
and on to Kootenai-cut-across Road … heading
towards the county fair grounds.   For the
huge celebration of life ceremony, the a
full parking lot, and fields of those who came
to pay their respects. 

It was quite a homage to Shorty... the horns were
sounding off, so soulfully sad... it was like each truck
and its driver was wailing at the lost yet, celebrating his life...
His friends did not forget…

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