Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good bye, May

Here we are heading into June.. and the summer..

I guess technically this is the end of Spring and the
beginning of summer, although it isn’t official until
June 25th

I love the Summer the best.  The warm weather,
the working out in the yard. The long days, and
even the shorter nights.

And as my years get shorter, the more I enjoy the
summers. Life just seems better in the summer.
More care free… maybe because we don’t have
any holidays to have to prepare for.

Memorial Days are planting flowers.. and that is
where I was yesterday… on the graves of my
daughter’s father, my second husband.  And
the King’s  sister, mother and father. 
And we put some on those who were in our lives
over the years.
A child who died tragically, my boss, who died
too young.  We walk thru the peacefully place
of rest of those we love. Remembering what

Tomorrow.. June 1st.. is the beginning of the
New adventure/journey for the King and I, as
we start out retirement years together. I have
Been retired for 12, almost 13 years now.
And the beginning of Summer for us.  


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Marianne Love said...

Congratulations to Kenny. Enjoy your newest chapter.