Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fridays are not for me..

An old, old writing…
Found this among my paper work,
It was written in 2002, before I
Started writing a blog. And while
I was still in the work force. It’s title is:

Count me out next Friday….

I have decided I am not doing Friday’s anymore.
They just don’t work for me.
And it is a good thing I am not a believer of other
powers besides our Lord. Or I would be a nervous
wreck by this time coming Thursday’s.

Now you might think I am jumping the gun here..
But these last couple of  Friday’s have given me something to
think about. That maybe Fridays just don’t like me.
Which that is ok too, as I not fond of Monday’s

What lead up to this thought is…

Last Friday, I called about my check..(never leave to chance about your automatic deposits) And sure enough it was there.. BUT only $81 worth.. it seems they over looked my vacation pay. And they have to mail it out as they only have one time only to deposit. Now that didn’t not make sense to me, but no sense going there anyway. Oh, I could have gone to pick it up.. 4 hour drive?? NOT.. so anyway, I went on my merry way, figuring that is not a problem. Just an annoyance.
At 1;14 I walked into my place of work, for a meeting that was planned last month. It was cancelled.. no word last night or when I left that morning at 6am.  You see I go to bed at 7am.. so to get back up at noon to go to a meeting that is mandatory is irritating… and just an annoyance. 

So I went to Wal-mart to look and buy some dishes that I really like. And they are a service of 8 for $20.. nice lighthouse dishes. I bring them home and wash the plates and dry them and put them in my glass cabinet. And then the little plates and cups.. so proud am I… then I get to the bowls.. 3 are broken… sigh… another annoyance. I take the bowls with box and receipt, to Wal-mart and the sweet little darling behind the counter tells me.. I have to go home and repack the other dishes and bring them back and she will trade me a new box. I asked her with all the nicety that I could muster up, you really don’t want me to go back home and take the dishes out of the cabinet and repack them and bring to the store. Oh, yes, she replies sweetly, it is store policy. My reply was NOT.. surely there is someone for me to talk to higher than you.. and I am still hanging by threads to my nicety. The other young lady who also is behind the desk ask what was going on.. when I asked for the manager by name. She told the sweet child to let me go get a new box and remove 3 good bowls and give them to me. She is a little upset but agrees. I go get the box, which by now I am wondering why did I have to go get the box, I didn’t break the dishes. Why me.. and this dang box was heavy and I was having to walk half the store with it. I get up to the desk and she takes the bowls out of the box, wraps them, and makes out paper work and has me sign it… all while she is complaining about how they would have to throw away the good dishes now that I have the bowls. Well, if she was trying to make me feel guilty.. ah ha ha.. you can never make a mother guilty. That is our specialty. We major in that. And I knew they would put them up the for display and sell them as single.

I get home.. and Ken’s time is not going any better. He order a propane tank. .. has been lining up this for 2 weeks. They put him off his 2pm appointment to 5:30pm. Small annoyance.. they get here
And I call him as he had to be at the church at 5:30 to set up for Awana. They look at the spot and the tubing and say to me.. oh, we can’t install this tank today. That tubing is illegal.. and who sold this tubing to him? The very same company that is delivering the tank. When Ken asked for the tubing and what tubing he should use… they gave him that one. Not the wrapped one which he was suppose to have. Now my mother did not raise any fools here…I looked a them and then him driving in.. and say.. glad it is you guys who are telling him that. I left. I went into the house.  Ken and the blue air followed him in to the house.. and the back out. They gave him the wrap and he had to redig up the tubing. Major annoyance.. Now that is just one Friday!

This Friday, last night… I almost made it thru it a without incident. In fact, Friday gave me the false feeling that all these were well. I work the night before as they need coverage for one of the gals who had an accident. So worked Thurs. came home Friday. Slept a little.
Ken came home.. he was sick.. he was fine by noon. Except his leg hurt. I went and got some money and took our grandson down to the sub store, he get his sandwich and went home. Everything is good. They go to Awana looking sharp.
In my mind the sound of them returning home from Awana. Then a blood curling scream from our grandson.. Ken yelling and crash of glass sound all in one moment time. Now I don’t know about you.. but to be woke up like that… I just can’t stroll out and say.. hi, guys, what’s up?
I ran out asking as I went. .WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??
They both looking towards the dining room, eyes like saucers.. and I slowly looked over there.. to see my new dishes… on the floor.. broken in what appears to be a million pieces. I now have a service of 8 plates, 8 small plates 1 bowl,..2 cups.. oh, yes, my other favorite dishes.. that was near them.. well I have 8 plates..8 small dishes..2 bowls and 2 cups. I looked at it and I said.. well, THE LORD GIVETH AND THE LORD TAKETH AWAY.. and started to pick up the big pieces and Ken got the garbage can from outside. And the vacuum cleaner… that is when I decided maybe Fridays don’t like me…so next Friday.. count me out.. I am sleeping thru . So you all have good Fridays   and I will see you on Saturday..

I retired the next year.. and Friday’s decided to leave me alone.   


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