Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New computer blues

My old computer shit the bed...went Democrat as my uncle 
use to say. So I researched and researched and came up 
with what looked like the best deal for my budget. 

So early Monday morning.. UPS comes up and drops off
my package.  I took a bit and then open the box.  I looked
at it. Took deep breathe and open the computer.  The
instructions so to speak that they send with it..That even
with a magnified glass was hard to read. Luckily it was short. 

So another deep breathe and I turn it on.  I followed the
questions and answer part fairly easy.  Then it was time
to open explorer and set up mail box. That took a few 
repeated steps, going back to the old machine which
I was clinging to like life line. 

So there I was.. I had mail set up.. kind of. No toolbar
damn if I know where or how that comes up. As I
want to add to my email address.. Used help, and
it keeps telling me to use the toolbar.. Where the 
hell is the tool bar? It is under tools.. well, if I don't 
have a tool bar.. I sure the hell don't have tools. 
Skip that for a while. 

Went to explorer.. found Facebook.. look up
password. Tells me that is an old password.. 
That I had changed that 8 weeks ago. So go
to reset... put in old password.  Now I have 

Put in my blog, that was easy. Oh, but I 
have not figured out how to get icons on the
desktop. They have something called pin tiles. 
Deep, deep breathe... 

I think it is time to bring in the big guns. 
Some one younger than me. But at least
I am not drinking the wine yet.. so there
for not drunk.  lol. 

Electronic is not my forte. I am actually
proud of myself, that I have gotten this far. 

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