Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So many books, so little time..

I use to read a lot.. It was nothing for me to
be sitting up at 2am to finish a book because
I had to know how it ended.  Even though
I had to get up at 5:30am, to get the kids
breakfast started and get them off to school.
Even then, I would be stirring the oatmeal
with a book in the other hand.

I loved mysteries, for some odd reason,
submarine stories and mostly comedy.
I love to read biographies as well. My
mother got me hooked on Stephen King.
I loved Patrick McManus, who made me
laugh.. He writes about fishing and hunting
as a kid and as an adult.

When I started working in 1986, my
reading slowed way down. I just couldn't
stay awake.  I worked from 5 am.. leaving
the house at 4am. Which meant I was up
at 3:30am... And got home by 3pm.
Was in bed by 8:30pm. 

Even in later years when I switched from days
to afternoons, there wasn't any time to read.
Home by 11pm.. Bed by midnight.. up at 8 or
9.. off to meetings at 1 and work at 2pm.
Noc shift wasn't any better. With split sleeping.
Bed by 7am.. up at noon for meetings, Nap
at 5pm.. up at 8:30 and to work by 9. 

So over those years I collected books that
I would read "someday".  Mostly in mind was
when I retired.  I read some on vacations..  or
if I ended up with a long weekend every 6
weeks.  But the books kept piling up in the
bookshelf.  And when I retired, I still had a
hard time taking time to read.  I carry books
on trips, to the Dr. office while I wait and etc.
So this year I have tried really hard to make
a dent in my collection.  I have gave a lot of
them away.. Some I lost interest in, or got
them read and passed them on.  And to add
to that, I bought a Nook, and get some books
on that as well.  That I can read in the car at
night. But that adds to the list of the books to
be read.

Ah, so many books and so little time. And I
find that I don't read as fast as I use to.. dang.   

My mother once said that she could go anywhere
she wants and see anything she wants, thru


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