Thursday, May 19, 2016

The further ahead we get, the more behind we are…

In this day and age of high speed  news gettingout with computers, phones and etc.. Everything is known practically as it happens. With pictures.

Yet come election time.. the time comes to a screeching
halt.  The polls closed at 8pm.  And if it was a national
election…yeah, we get results asap.. in fact one of
the biggest gripes we have out West here.. is that by
the times the Ohio polls closed, they are already
declaring a winner.. when we out here on the West
Coast, have 2 more hours to go, to vote.  Makes you
disgusted, if you just got off work, and go down to
vote and they are telling you who won, before
you make your mark. You still stay, because of
the local vote.

But in the off year, where it is all local.. or state
anyway… the wheels come to a grinding stop.
The local county clerks office, doesn’t post any
thing until about 11pm.  And then it isn’t
complete.. so you end up….. if you are an
election junkie.. (I use to be one, then sleep
Was more important) staying up until about 1am.

The newspaper may not have much either as,
they went home before the full count it is in.
So you are left with going back on line and
getting the  results as they won’t be in print
until Thursdays paper.  So much for the
fast pace of computers and news… at least

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