Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Coming to a store near you…

There is a company in India, called Bakey, who
has a marvelous product.  They have been selling
this product in India like hot cakes.

I came across their Facebook a couple of
months ago, and did some research as
I would love to buy them.  They came like
144 in a box for something like about $10.
But it would be hard to buy them as they
don’t sell them in America.

But all this might change as they have
drummed up $278,000.00 on Kickstart,
So they can sell global.

And yes, I will be buying..  So what is this
amazing product, that I speak of?
Edible spoons and forks.  They come
in 3 flavors.. a sweet one, one that taste
like crackers, and a plain wafer type
flavor.  And they are strong enough to
eat hot soup, with the spoons. Haven’t
heard if they are going to be making
knives or not.

But just think of it.. You eat your dinner,
and then you eat your silverware.. NO
dishes.. Well, they would have to make
an edible  plate to make it complete..

But no more fights with who is going to
do the dishes!!  Ok, so you have a
dishwasher… but not every one does.
This would be sooooooooo cool..
AND CAMPING.. how cool is that, you
can eat your fork or spoon.. no waste.

Any way, keep an eye out for BAKEY company.
edible forks and spoons…. Coming soon in a

store near you…

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