Thursday, May 26, 2016

Retirement coming up.....3 days and counting...

Next week…on Tuesday… the KING retires.
So he has 3 working days left.  As Monday is
A holiday.

To be honest with you.. I am looking forward
to it.  I have a whole list of honey do’s for him.
Some of which he has added to the list.

We have the front porch to redo this summer.
He wants to put in a French drain for the front
of the house. As the water comes off and floods
the area just 2 feet from the porch.

In August we have a son getting married. We
have a good friend whose health hasn’t been
very good this year and he is in his 80’s. So
time spent there.   Also a trip to the oldest,
to see her new house. And also a stop by
for the day, another son’s place, as we have
not seen that either. It is a farm.

Then the rest of the year is filled with promises
of walking in the am.. and working on the 47
Ford pick up.

Money will be a little tighter, and juggling
getting health insurance lined out…
Yea, I think we can do this.


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