Monday, May 09, 2016

Are we in summer yet?

As my neighbor and I were busy mowing our lawns and weed
whacking.. he yelled over the fence.. is this early for summer?
With temps of high 70's (80's in some areas) and the grass
growing fast... it sure feels like it...

But we both remember it was just a few short years ago
in May, that we had a foot of the 5 feet of snow we got
over the winter.. AND it was still snowing an inch every
couple of days, with rain thrown in for the mix.

So to be mowing for the 4th time in 2 weeks.. this was
unusual... but last year was like this too.  So this becomes
a wonderful but scary times. 

We enjoy all the warmth.. but looking back at last year
where we had fires in the states all around us.. and
some in our own state, just a mere 30 miles away as
the bird flies.  We pray for rain off and on.

But for now the bar-b-ques are leaving lingering smells
of good food in the air... and sitting out drinking coffee
early in the morning.. while reading the paper, feels


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