Monday, May 23, 2016

When I was a kid...what do you remember?

We have all hear the stories that our parents
told us, of when they were a kid.. You know
“walked 5 miles in the 6 feet of snow to get
to school”….brag, right?   And then there is
the I worked for a nickel a day when I was a
kid.. etc..  Of course there were some true
stories of gas being 10 cents a gallon, and
stamps being 3 cents and only getting a
75 cents  an hour for wages with no bennies.
And etc… all true..

I can say.. gas was 15 cents a gallon, and
we got free stuff with fill ups. Free pitcher
with 8 fill ups with free glasses as you got
those fill ups. And then of course, there
was green stamps and blue chip stamps
they gave and when you filled up the books
with them .. you got free merchandise you
sent away for. Some cities actually had
a store in their area.  I never was near
one.  Also there were cigarettes that gave
coupons on their packs as well as their
cartons, the you redeemed for free stuff.
And my first job was paying $1 an hour.

We did have to walk to school or
to the bus stop but it was only about
a mile. And yes it was in the snow..but
if it was over 6 inches.. they cancelled
school.  Yes, we did have party lines
for phones. And you had to count the
rings to know if it was for you. And
yes, there were whistles in town to
let you know there was a fire some
where.. You looked at your chart on
the wall next to the phone to see
where it was by the number of times
the whistle went off.. Two shorts, one
long and etc.. 

Chicken was 21 cents a pound with hamburger
being about the same..  Can goods were about 10
cents a can for the standard 15 oz.   Yes, we all
at least everyone we knew, had respect for the
President of the United States.. and you probably
knew your guy in Washington DC.  Not that we
all agreed with them, but respected them.

That kids respected adults. That you were glad to
get a job.  That most went from high school to jobs
or the service. Only the ones with well off parents
went to college.   Rarely was any credit given. Only
thing you had on payments was your house if you
were lucky enough to buy one… and maybe a car.
But stores were cash only…

People pretty much had respect for each other.
Stealing? You went to jail. No plead bargains.
And you got in worse trouble when you got home.
It truly was a different world then…. I remember
It all well…

My question is.. what is it my kids remember?
And most of all.. in 30 years what is the hardships
that the generation that is in school now going to

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