Thursday, May 05, 2016

Senior Citizen Social hours...

It is that time again... the Senior Citizen
Social hour or hours..

That is what we call our visits to the doctors
of many types.  Even the vet.
You sit there in a room, waiting your turn.
Some times with blank looks on our faces.
I bring a book or my nook, if I remember.
Or read their year old magazines.
Or some times and it is most of the time..
you end up visiting with the people who are
also waiting for their turn.  And there comes
the term social hours.

Seems after the age of 60, every things
seems to start falling apart.  The worn
parts.  There is the failing of the eyes,
so off to get new glasses..  ..
Read the bottom line he says.. I start to laugh
there is a bottom line?  All I see is a white light
and black and grey areas.  He asked if I drove
there. I said no, my husband did.. 'whew, he
said, I just didn't want to be on the road with you."
Told him I could read the top two lines, does that

Then there is the dentist next week for the King.
He has been to the GP doctor about 4 times in
the past two weeks..  Has severe headaches that
came out of no where.. and only behind one ear.
Dr. has no clue why.  So it is trial and error.
He was at the eye doctor a month ago.
And I keep putting off my yearly exam. I feel
fine, if it isn't broke, don't fix it motto.

Besides, I am not good at sitting and waiting.
Then finally they take you back and you sit
and wait another 20 minutes or more.. Can
think of a dozen things I could be doing.
Misty is has been in to the Vet, for surgery and
teeth cleaning.. Has to go back next week for
staple removal.. although she removed one herself.

Yep, being a senior citizen is great... If it wasn't for
Dr. and dentists and eye doctors and vets.. we wouldn't

have any social time at all. 

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marlu said...

That's the truth!