Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Good Feeling of Cartoons

As I watched the Merry Christmas,
Charlie Brown, was thinking about
how many times I watched it with
my kids.

Then something happen that I didn't
remember all those years or took it for
granted and it almost made me feel
kind of funny.

Like the political correct people were
going to swoop down and condemn
the show.

See, Charlie Brown after being made fun
of, because of his choice of Christmas tree,
said to his friends. "Maybe I don't understand
what Christmas is all about, can any one
explain.?" And then it happen..

Linus stepped to center stage (they were
all on a stage for the play), with his blanket.
And he asked for a light, which the spotlight
shined on him as he explain Christmas.

The real Christmas, the Wisemen, and the
star, and the manger, from start to finish.
The birth of Jesus.

And I thought, wow, what my kids and I
took for granted, now is a special thing.
And the political correct police didn't swoop
down and close the show off. And hopefully
there won't be some idiot somewhere who
will take offense, and try to keep the show off.

I don't know how often this show has been
playing in the past years, being I don't have
any little ones around to watch it with. Or if
it has been playing. But it sure made me
think, how off the beaten path we have become.
How the minority seems to be ruling.
And how when the music started, I left the
kitchen and sat and watched it..something
about that music..that makes you feel good.

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