Friday, December 01, 2006

Great Idea

My friend Ray at
has come up with a great idea.

I go to this site to get my fix of R.I. stuff.
I have it listed on my links below. They
have great food products as well.

Well, Ray came up with this new idea.
That I think has open possibilities.
He has started doing DVD for people.
You send him pictures and he makes
a video of it. It can be anything. That
is why I say the possibilities are

Pictures of your kids for grandparents.
Pictures of your animals,
Pictures of scenery.
And you will probably think I am
morbid, but funerals. I have seen
something similar at a funeral.
But this is the way to have control
over what is at YOUR funeral.

Or, you can do your life in pictures
to give your grandchildren. They see
you now, but don't have a clue what
you were like when young.
And he puts it to music of your choice.
Great idea.
Not all of us are great at managing the
computer, so this is wonderful for those
of us who can't even understand Computers
for Dummies books.

And remember 25 days to Christmas...
leaving 24 more shopping days.
And only 31 more days left of 2006.

The older I get, the faster time goes.

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lucillent said...

This is a great idea...wish I had known about this sooner...thanks...