Monday, December 11, 2006


No, not that kind...

First it was glasses,
then it was false teeth,
and now it is hearing aides.

That pretty well takes care of
the upper part of the body. Sure
hope I don't need any spare parts
for the rest of it. Hope the warranty
is good for a lifetime.

These hearing aides are going to
be a learning process. Up high
enough to hear people talking.
Down low enough to keep noises
out. Furnace running, car running,
and etc.

Driving home from getting them,
drove me nuts, hearing the engine.
Went to the Mall on Friday. Could
hear the voice pretty well, BUT the
bustle of the mall was loud too.

So I have been fine tuning, literally,
my hearing. The Hearing aid guy,
told me it would take about 6 weeks
to get use to them. I can see that.
That my hearing will have to learn again,
how to filter out some noise like we
did when we were young. Humm, I
thought that was selective hearing, at
least that is what my kids told me, I had.

I can also see why people leave
them in the drawer. But I am so tight
with my money, that I figured if I
am paying this kind of money... ain't
cheap, McGee... by George, I am
going to wear these things if it kills
me. I know if the King seem them
on the shelf, or in a drawer.. I won't have
to worry about it killing me.

So if you see me around... and I am
playing with my ears, it is just me
fine tuning...

Oh, one funny thing.
I had turn my keyboard over and
over. I type and look at it again.
Couldn't figure out where the noise
was coming from..kind of a tinny sound.
lol.... it was just I couldn't hear it Boy, are they noisy.

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God's Helper said...

Too Funny!!! I got my one on the 15th. The other ear is completely useless!! But I know what you mean about noise. I felt like I was having sensory overload!!! But I won't part with it.