Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards......

In life there seems to be things
one says, and somehow they come
back to bite you.

Every year for the past 4 or 5, the King
and I have been pooling our money and
getting something for the both of us. It
was a treadmill last year.

This year a week ago, we were discussing
the subject of what we needed. Finally, we
settled on small gifts...because as the King
said... we didn't really need anything. Lots
of wants, just not needs.

And as Murphy's Law always does, it rear
it's head. As I was putting the fish into the
oven last night, I put the temp on for 350
degrees. 15 minutes..not cooked. 15 more
minutes which should have been way too
long.. nothing. I felt the pan..COLD!!.

After working on it for an hour, we came to
the conclusion that the heat bar was shot.
So do we try to find one (this stove is from
the early 70's) or do we break down and
buy a new one? We decided on a new one.
Getting parts is almost impossible in anything
over 10 years.

We went to Sears, found one with a grill, a
little extra, but figured we might as well
spend the extra $70 for something we wanted.
Then go cheaper for a doable one.

One step forward, two steps back.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a very beautiful....ummmmm what's it called yet? I haven't used one of those things for over a year now. Since I moved into The Home I don't cook much of anything.

The kaka on the bottom of my oven is from "stuff" that overflowed from frozen pizzas that happened to be cooking in there.

Come to think of it, I did cook something once. A pot of chili...just got hungry for that particular item, and it was very satisfying. The best part of the stove in this new apartment is the oven window...I never had one before. This one even has a light so you can actually watch your pizza burning brightly in there.


Patches & Mittens said...

We thought the thermostat was shot on our oven, spent over $400 to have a guy come out and "fix" it and found out it was the circuit breaker in the main box that was shot! That cost another $50 as the breaker box isn't made anymore and the part had to be special ordered. I could have gotten a new stove!!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to have appliances that actually function. Got my new kitchen this Oct and I love it, nothing beats gas top cookin!

pam said...

you should try a convection one. thats what we are aiming for. lol pam