Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some young children are older than adults....

Ellen is one show that showcases good. She
has on, from time to time, some young person
who is doing good for others.  There was the boy
with his mother’s help, made bag lunches for
the homeless.  Then ended up adding blankets.
There was another girl who gathered books for
kids in shelters.

I wish there was more showcasing of such projects.
I saw one on the news the other night…

She was selling lemonade, and took donations.
Did she keep this money? No.  See she was
adopted by a family… and she knows a lot
of the kids at the orphanage who don’t have
things.. common things.. 
So she buys a supply of everything she can
think of.. makes up bags and takes them to
the orphanage and shelters for the other kids.
Simple things like, tooth brush, paste, soap,
small towel, books, coloring books and crayons.
Oh, by the way, did I tell you… she is only 5 years

Some times small children put us adults to shame,
with their open, giving hearts.

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