Thursday, March 09, 2017


Thinking about doing a  looking back Thursday…  post..
from the past.  Here is one..  


Dave remarked to one of my additions to his comment area, on Mt St. Helen's blowing in 1980, that this would be blog worthy. Don't know if it is or not. But at least it will be a return memory for my kids who read this. At least they better read

The story of Harry Truman would be pretty short... as we only talk a short time.
It was in 1966, we had taken the kids to Spirit Lake for fishing at the end of June. It was warm enough that they did some swimming after fishing. Then we were ready to head home. My husband at the time, was from Washington state, and we had just moved there about 6 months before. He knew there was snow further up the road, towards the summer resort. So we took the kids up for a treat, after all where can you go swimming one minute and a few minutes later be playing in the snow. So when we got to the snow edge, we let the kids out to play. I was close to having # 5 child. While we were playing in the snow, a gentleman came down the drive way to the road where we were at and introduced himself as the cabin's owner. Harry Truman. We talked about how beautiful of a day it was. And he was getting ready for the 4th of July push of tourist. He talked about the hiking and how close it was to the lake for the people. We asked him if they were open in the winter. He said they didn't get many in the winter. Mostly cross country skiers. And not many of them, so they were not officially open. But that he and his wife stayed there. Then we thanked him for his time,and gathered up the kids. He said good bye as he return to his work, and told us good luck with the new addition we were expecting. He was very nice and sweet man. I would say he was about 60 ish at the time. The next time I saw him was on television, while we were in Rhode Island and they were interviewing him about leaving the mountain. I believe his wife had passed away by that time. I wasn't really surprised that he wouldn't leave the mountain, as he had a great love for the area.

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