Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I once was blind, but now I can can see…
I seem to be stuck on hymns of late…

But I was talking to a friend who was
talking about a lady who was going
blind.  She needed glasses, but she
was afraid to go to the doctor, because
he/she might tell her, that she is losing
her sight.  I told my friend, that is crazy.
She just might need glasses and had
drove herself in to a life of hell, thinking
what may not be true.  My friend said
she is still working on her. That she
was going to just make the appt. and
just take her.

Then we talked about how it would be
to lose one’s sight.   How some people
seem to adjust and live good healthy
lives, just a little bit harder.  I asked
my friend.. what would she miss the
most, if she went blind.   Driving she
said. What about you, she asked?

I thought for a moment.. and then said..
my children, grandchildren, and great
grandchildren and my husband’s faces.
mostly their smiles.  Then maybe next
is scenery… like snow in the mountains,
the rivers and lakes.. flowers.. definitely
flowers.  I could smell them..but not to

see the colors… Guess next would
be colors… but at least if someone tells
me blue, like the ocean, or blue like navy
blue… I could relate… Where as a person
who had never seen.. ever.. how do you
explain a color they never have seen.

And then there are those of us who can see
yet are blind.  In their busy days, they don’t
see the sights along the roads, or the sky
beauty… or even people’s pain, in their
faces, or what is truth.. Like a husband
who asked where his socks are.. and you
tell him.. only to end up going to the
draw to show him.. or the milk on the middle
shelf..which you have to walk over and show
him….  They say that this a man disease. Lol

So what is it in life.. that you would miss, if
you woke one morning without your sight?
In your blindness, what would make you the
saddest? What would you miss?

I once was blind, but now I can see……

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