Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Are we, Americans as a whole, so crass that we idolize rudeness?
I stop watch Shark Tank. We use to like to see the new products
that are there, they come  to get help to start manufacturing, with the help of the billionaires there.. better known as the Sharks.

But of late, well, in all fairness Kevin O’Leary as always been an ass.
But it seems like he has stepped up his game… of rudeness and
name calling.  Why isn’t this called bullying?

But Kevin Oleray is far from the only one, you have Chef Ramsey, of the cooking show…. Simon Crowell, on American Idol. (he has
tone it down some what since he has a child and judges on American’s Got Talent.)
I think one of the worse was American Idols, whose contestant were
ridiculed to tears..

What part of this is not called BULLYING?  And people laugh.. I don’t see anything funny about belittling your fellow man or woman.. 
Sorry, I am out of there..

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