Monday, March 06, 2017

Now there is 12 years.....

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Going to try this out... I am just a word tosser... but a lazy one... don't know if I have enough in my mind to do a daily blog. So don't expect much...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Gas Prices

Am I the only one who is blown away with the jumping of the gas prices?
They say they are going to raise 25 cents this week.
Heck I remember when gas was 19 cents and they raise it TO 25 cents!
And we all said we were going to walk and only drive one day a week. ha ha
of course we lived in a very small town so that wasn't a big deal.
But we thought we would teach them a lesson... some lesson... they are
charging $2.00 more now.

Monday, March 07, 2005

What a difference sunshine makes

Is it because it is Monday, or lack of sunshine... but having a little bit of trouble getting started.
I start my day out with a mile or so walk with a friend. We decided this would be good for both of us. Her, for arm therapy (moving her arm as she walks) and surely we both need it for exercise. It has helped my breathing a great deal.
When we first started, I felt like some one took my lungs out and dried them and put them back. But each day it is better. Of course my neighbors probably laugh as they watch me go off on my walk and return. I walk down the street like a tune, something out of Rocky in my mind. Returning almost an hour later (we talk a lot) looking like the action for what kind of fool am I.
But today, it was drizzle out before I left. Should I stay in...nah, like the postman, thru drizzle, rain, snow and etc. Yea, right. But it wasn't raining so no excuse... and my friend would be waiting. And knew she would raz me if I was a no show. It was on the walk over to our meeting place, that it dawn on me how much difference there is in a sunshine day. The feel good no matter what, because it is sunshine. Making sunshine in our souls as well.
Well, got to get going... it is Monday, wash day, and etc. Also I have a cat called Rokon. Rokon is not exactly like all cats. Other peoples cat sit on the newspaper as you try to read. Rokon sits on my shoulder, tries to play with the cursor and anything else she can do to distract me.
Well, may the sunshine come out and brighten up your soul.

CRAFTS...Some people just don't have it...

I have admired people who can make things out of stuff that I probably would throw away. Or they can come up with an idea of something, just by looking at the material that is in front of them. I thought I had a pretty good imagination. I can imagine things and stories. But crafts leave me dead at the starting post. Like this past December when I came up with a project for Christmas presents. This is what I wrote to my friends.

In the great spirit of Christmas and my first year of retirement.. and at the push of friends? who seem to think anyone can do crafts if they really tried....I tried. And the greatest gift is one some one made.
Well, that is true IF 1. it is a child or 2. Someone who is gifted. Or It is a boldface lie when it is a adult who crafts something that looks like a child did it. But what do I know, after all my father made some fantastic wood carvings after he retired. My mother was one of the gifted. She could draw anything artist wise. She was a hellva cook. And she knitted some grand sweaters. So from these genes you would think there is a drop in my blood. But yesterday I found out for sure, what I suspected. That the gene hid until my children were born who seem to have all the talents of fore mention parents. Yes, it is true that I did a fairly good job sewing western shirts and vest when my children were young. I did them for my husband Marvin, a friend Mac, my son's and Jeanette. Made my first reversible vest for Will. Nice dark brown cord, with elk on the inside. Or the other way around if he wore it that way.
Although Jeanette said I scarred her for life because I sent her to school in a homemade western shirt. Not because it was homemade......but because the material had orange hippo and green elephants.
So two days ago, always the procrastinator, I started my attempt at Christmas present hand made. I was making...bags that you hang on a door knob or what ever and you put your grocery plastic bags in. And door draft stoppers. Now that seems innocent enough.
Sewing machines and I don't get along very well, so I sew with my grandmother's or great grandmother's 1912? portable Singer machine. This machine is suited to me... it goes forward and back. That is my sewing mentality. I cut out the material to what I wanted. The sewing went pretty well. Nothing great but fair. Until I decided to make a neck pillow for a friend. I sewed that puppy back and forth. Around that baby I went because I didn't want it to leak. 4 times around. Got the picture? I left a small hole to fill it up with. Then as I look at my handy dawns on me..... the small hole? Well, it isn't big enough to turn this baby inside out. Small little detail I missed as I swung around that last corner on my fourth round. So what to do... I decide to just cut the top off. Turn it around. And then sewed a ribbon on the top for the closure. I look at my work, as my grandson walks in and says, who are you making shorts for, they sure are small? As this is in a U shape. The ribbon looked awful!!. I tried to unstitch it. Wasn't going well....cut off with scissors. I have had enough of this.. put stuff away until the next day, as tempers are rising...Not good sewing time.
The next day I wake up and look at all the draft stoppers that are sewed and thought well, I will get going on the filling. Luckily I thought enough to fill these over the sink. I decided to use barley as it is cheaper than rice and I couldn't find wheat hulls. First stopper went pretty well. Of course, a little spillage. Then sewed the end up and one draft stopper done. Not bad... It is the short one. Then went to the long ones. Using the funnel and bowl with lip, I pour the barley in and down the funnel it goes... not bad, and of course a little spillage (yes, you can see where this is going). Fill up the bowl again..oops, the rice, just a little from the bag, leaked on the counter. Then filled up to the top and sew. Nicest and heaviest snake I ever saw with bear and moose on it. Then 2 more to go... They went like the second one.. except #4...spilled on the table a little as I am sewing it. Tried to shove the barley back in as I sewed... SNAP...goes my needle.. Found another needle, but it doesn't want to work. Well, no biggie, sew by hand. And it turn out pretty well. So I am left with the bag holders and THE NECK PILLOW. The bag holders went well. Finally settling on elastic for a loop for hanging. The the PILLOW... I sew the top by hand. Back and forth... this thing is going to hold barley so can't have leakage. Finally it looks pretty good. Go to fill it. The funnel would not fit. Hole is too small. I found a smaller funnel that would fit. BUT it would only take about 8 piece of barley at a time, my patience's doesn't do 8 pieces at a time. So got to figure out something else. I find some Styrofoam cups and cut it so I can curl it, fit the bigger funnel in, and start pouring barley... it is slow by steady, until about midway. It fell over, spilling barley on the floor. But I got it up(no, I didn't put it in the pillow, althought have to admit I thought about it... hate waste) and got it done and sewed it. Looks pretty good... looks like at least a 10 year old did it. I look around..... barley everywhere. I had tracked it into the living room as well.
So I start the clean up. About 2 pounds in the sink... 3 on the floor and 1 on the counter... The buzzer is going off on the dryer... my husband walks in... looks at the mess.......he knows not to ask questions... looks at the pillow.. "interesting" he says.... Now the real test. I am giving the pillow to one of the friends who suggested that homemade gifts are the best. WE SHALL SEE....
Well, got to go..... clean up more barley.... I think this stuff is going to haunt me... like christmas fir needles that you find in July. So continue making your crafts, and I will appreciate them, but I don't think I will be joining you, thank you.
The update of this, is that everyone said they liked my "gifts". I wonder where they keep them until I come over, ha ha...
So you see, others look at a blank piece of paper and see ..... airplanes, snow flakes, and all kinds of things... I see a blank piece of paper and wonder what can I write on it... or it is just a blank piece of paper.
So see you at the arts and craft shows of the year.... I will love your crafts...

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So there you have it.. Blame it on Dave Oliveria for telling me I
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