Monday, March 07, 2005

What a difference sunshine makes

Is it because it is Monday, or lack of sunshine... but having a little bit of trouble getting started.
I start my day out with a mile or so walk with a friend. We decided this would be good for both of us. Her, for arm therapy (moving her arm as she walks) and surely we both need it for exercise. It has helped my breathing a great deal.
When we first started, I felt like some one took my lungs out and dried them and put them back. But each day it is better. Of course my neighbors probably laugh as they watch me go off on my walk and return. I walk down the street like a tune, something out of Rocky in my mind. Returning almost an hour later (we talk a lot) looking like the action for what kind of fool am I.
But today, it was drizzle out before I left. Should I stay in...nah, like the postman, thru drizzle, rain, snow and etc. Yea, right. But it wasn't raining so no excuse... and my friend would be waiting. And knew she would raz me if I was a no show. It was on the walk over to our meeting place, that it dawn on me how much difference there is in a sunshine day. The feel good no matter what, because it is sunshine. Making sunshine in our souls as well.
Well, got to get going... it is Monday, wash day, and etc. Also I have a cat called Rokon. Rokon is not exactly like all cats. Other peoples cat sit on the newspaper as you try to read. Rokon sits on my shoulder, tries to play with the cursor and anything else she can do to distract me.
Well, may the sunshine come out and brighten up your soul.

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JC said...

Talking to you is like being in the sunshine ...