Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At what price?

The United States of American and it's
taxpayers pay out 100,000's of dollars
to train each and every soldier we have.

Of those soldiers, 60 per cent of them,
(my guess) are trained to be killers.
Professional killers. Some to more
degree than others. Like the Rangers,
and the Green Beret, Special Forces.

Then we send them off to war. To kill the
enemy. They are hunters of jungles and towns.
They are told to never trust anyone. Their fellow
soldier is the only one, and then they still have
to be cynical.

These men, so far it has been men...
are sent out to fight for 9 months or
more, and home for a short time and
sent back out. Some times their time
in the field is extended.

Then when they get home, they have
great difficulties adjusting to what we
call normal life. Be it for a week, a
month or after they are out.

The training to undo everything that they
have had drummed in to them, brainwashed
so to speak, is barely dealt with. A few places
have Vet run meetings for these men. I said
Vet run, run on donations.. not government run.

Why is it, we don't put as much money into
adjusting these men to normal life as we do
in combat killings? Why is it that a short timer,
comes home to his house, with nothing or close to
it? Why isn't there a program that pays these Vets,
for living quarters, food and medical ...just as they
were for when they were trained for combat?

Please don't tell me because we don't have it in our
budget. We certainly found it for them to be trained
to kill. To be trained to kill or be killed. There should
be equal money for deprogramming as there is for
the programming. Before their family lives are destroyed,
and they become homeless or worse.

We won't even talk about the medical care for the physically
in juried and their families. Or the family left behind with
home mortgages and they have lost their man to the war.
With barely enough to raise their children left behind and losing
their homes.
Another hole that the government has been lack in.


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PinkAcorn said...

It is a shame how the USA treats their veterans and senior citizens... I've heard of a life insurance policy now for service men but it's those families who live with an injured veteran who suffer just as much.

Four thousand and counting....

Lorraine said...

When I was stationed at the Pentagon I went to Walter Reed Hospital with a friend who had a friend IN the hospital....this was during the so-called "Korean War" which everyone called the "Police Action". Anyway! It was a hospital to be proud of, a jewel among military hospitals and those of us in the military service had no reason NOT to brag about it...right?

So flash forward to another war. This one. Iraq. Senseless from start to ?? I was completely shocked when the media let us mere citizens see what Walter Reed Hospital had become. Sickening. And why? Because for some bizarre reason people voted--twice!--for that ignorant doofus, worst president in our history. We may never recover from Commander Bunnypants Bush' regime. So sad!