Monday, March 17, 2008

Shooting across the Bow...

As the elections get closer to the
Conventions, the hits are being lob
at the different candidates.

As the shots come across their bows,
the need to reply gets more urgent.
Saying the right thing, and hope someone
doesn’t make more out of what you say.
So you have to be careful of what you say.

The latest one over the ship run by the
Obama team, is the minister’s words or
even rants. And at first blow, it has to
have all of use who are planning on voting
for Obama, wondering. But I have been
one to always question things I hear.

Meaning what is the rest of the story?
In this particular case, did Obama agree
with this man. After all, he has influence
a lot of his life. Marriage, baptism of his
children. I believe they said a 20 year

He replied he did not agree at all with this
Man’s attitude and beliefs. I can under
stand that. I do not agree with everything
my Pastor says. Some of the sermon has
me wince, as I don’t agree. (and please don’t
tell Pastor Jim that, I don’t want to have to
explain what.)

Also when they had the rally or church service that
the cd was played from… was Obama there
when the worse of it was said?
Or was he out of town?

Obama seems to be sincere in his reply to this,
And the good Pastor has left the campaign team.
So to me, all is still good. But I would be lying,
if I said I wasn’t concerned. One should always
be on the look out, as you get ready to vote. And
it is hard to separate the dirty tricks from the truth. To be alert to question all sides of comments.

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