Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I don't understand

I saw where California has passed a law
that no parent can teach their children
at home, unless they are a certified

For years now, parents have been
home schooling. And 98% of them
are doing it well. So well, that the
kids are out doing their counter
parts. So why in heavens name
would they put this to a law?

The only thing I can figure out is
the teachers union had something
to do with it. After all, if they are
teaching at home, they aren't in
school. Less pay for each student,
less money for the schools and etc.

In Idaho, and I believe other states,
kids that are home schooled, are
tested to make sure they are not
getting behind. That I understand.
But to have it mandatory that they
are certified teachers, I don't.

Every child that I have met that is
home schooled, has been on top
of his game. Ahead of the public
schools. Some think the social
part is missing. But it isn't. The
kids mostly have others to inter
act with besides their other siblings.

Some parents share. Meaning if one
is better at math and another is better
at English, they will teach each others

I wonder how many will move out of
California, just because of that law.


Stebbijo said...

Hi Cis.

Just dropping by to see what you folks think in Bonner County of your elected clerk, Marie Scott, refusing to hand out her email address?

I would be curious to know what you and Slight Detour think of this practice and if you call and she gives it out to you or not.

Would appreciate your feedback.

The story is over on my site

Anonymous said...

As I just went to Family Phil's site to see what he had to say about the couple that quit homeschooling, I saw your comment and just dropped in the say 'hi' and to say I have to agree with you. Phil has brought his son here before and he is well ahead of anyone his age by far. If you can do it financially and have the patience, I think it makes all the difference in the wortld. If I had my kids over again I would be doing the same thing as Phil. I hope you have been well and life is good. The Stickman

Bay Views said...

I don't have a problem with home schooling except where it is done by extremist that don't have the education themselves to then impart it to others. Most home schooling parents are college grads and fully qualified. The others, might should rethink their positions.

I have a son and daughter-in-law that are both teachers. She taught them at home while he taught at a religious school. Now he teaches at NW Christian School and the children's education is part of the employment package. Not all are this easy, though.