Monday, October 17, 2016


Address for sale or rent……
I will give you off, 50 per cent…

This is the time of the year of
catalogs… Good grief.. some
one had to sell my name and
address off to someone, or I should
say to the nation..

I am getting at least 3 to 4 catalogs
My post office box is horrible on the
weekend. As that is the day I get my
bonafide magazines.  Meaning the
ones I actually ordered.  Not the ones
that they send to hopes that I
will order a subscription.  So add to
that about 3 to 5 catalogs.. it is so
packed,  it is hard to get my mail with
out ripping it.

There are some days I have gotten 6
of those darn things.  From companies
I didn’t even know existed. Selling every
thing from holiday food to health products.
Which that in its self can be embarrassing.
The ones with vibraters   in them.. for your
neck.. OH, SURE.. like I believe that.  They
are sex toys, gentlemen.. so putting it with
the heating pads, and stockings for compressing
your legs.. doesn’t cut it..

Be glad when the election is over and I will

Be glad when the holidays are over. 


Mari Meehan said...

I have thoughts like yours then I self-correct and remind myself I should not wish away my life. There's not a whole lot of it left! So I can bear the election by ignoring it and the holidays by embracing them - on my terms. ; )

Word Tosser said...

right on