Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 down and then the big test....

We have the 3 debates done and over.
As such as they were..

The first one, a friend and I made it thru
30 minutes and we couldn’t take anymore.
She is a true red Republican and me, the
Cafeteria Party. Anyone reading my blog
over the years knows that I started the
Cafeteria Party during the Bush election
number 1.  But we were equally sick of
the whole thing, and figured we had
better thing to do.. even it was to wash
our fingernails.

The second and third ones, I lasted 3
and 5 minutes.  Number 2 I switched
over to the Green Bay Packers game
as, surprisingly NBC did not carry the
debates.  And number 3, it was Carol
Burnett and then Mash. Much more
enjoyable.    Of course, having already
voting the absentee ballot, I had not
a horse in these two races.  

Thank goodness they are over with. I
think the worse ones in all of history.
Now we wait for the end results.  And
that can’t come too soon… but then
I can hardly wait 4 more years when
we get to go thru this again.. pending
that I am still alive to see it. Actually

nice if I was Rip Van Winkle… and slept the 4 years.  

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